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Folder Building the Mobile Site (3)
This section has help topics on the building process of mobile sites
Folder Setting Up New Clients (1)
This category has helpful tips on setting up for new clients

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Article Setup Merchants Domain in you cPanel
When you're ready to go live with the mobile domain name. STEP 1) Login to your cPanel, the link is above the one you just clicked. STEP 2) Go to...
Views: 676
Article Will a Mobile Redirect affect my Current Page Rank?
No, it will not affect your current website ranking, a mobile redirect is okay to use. Google and other search engines know the difference between...
Views: 494
Article How to adjust space between paragraphs in the text editor?
Follow the simple steps below...1) Open the "html" editor from text editor menu.2) Find the beginning <p> tag of the paragraph.3) If there's...
Views: 482
Article How to use Special Charactors and Accents?
The Text Editor inserts these for you automatically, but for special characters in plain text boxes such as the menu titles or metatags, you need...
Views: 464

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